NASA Moves to the Cloud


Kathleen Hickey of reports, "NASA’s OpenNEX is one of the latest federal research projects moving to the cloud to improve collaboration with the academic, public and private sectors. In doing so, the space agency is using Amazon Web Services to make terabytes worth of climate and Earth science data available to researchers, app developers, academia and the public. The first data sets became available in March and include temperature, precipitation and climate change projections, as well as data processing tools fromNASA’s Earth Exchange (NEX), a research and collaboration platform from  NASA’s Advanced Supercomputing Facility at Ames Research Center in California."


Hickey continues, "NEX combines state-of-the-art supercomputing, Earth system modeling, workflow management and NASA remote-sensing data. Through NEX, users can explore and analyze large Earth science data sets, run and share modeling algorithms, collaborate on new or existing projects and exchange workflows and results within and among other science communities, according to NASA. NEX’s tools and utilities include analytical tools, database management systems, data manipulation tools and libraries, workflow engines, and semantic Web tools. NASA’s OpenNEX partnership with Amazon gives scientists access to NASA-provided, ready-to-use data and knowledge encapsulated in Amazon Machine Images or virtual machines. OpenNEX users can work with the VMs outside of NASA's computing infrastructure, minimizing impacts to NASA while enhancing community participation, the agency said."


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Image: Courtesy OpenNEX