NASA Turns to Charles River Analytics to Detect Volcanic Eruptions, Storms


Sara Castellanos of Biz Journals reports, "Charles River Analytics on Thursday announced a contract to develop technology for NASA that detects volcanic eruptions, storms and algae blooms from satellite imagery. The Cambridge, Mass.-based firm develops computational intelligence technology, which is used to interpret data for the purpose of improving decision-making in real-time. The NASA contract is for a system called DIPSARS, or the Discover of Interesting Patterns and Semantic Analysis in Remote Space. The contract is valued at $125,000."


She goes on, "Data processed by the system includes different scenes and objects that research scientists and mission controllers use to determine which areas should be explored further, according to a news release. The system will help NASA to better sift through the large volume of satellite and rover data it collects. DIPSARS aims to process and analyze the data that's 'relevant, important, and interesting enough to prompt follow-on action, all in real-time onboard the spacecraft,' according to the release."


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Image: Courtesy Charles River Analytics