Negobot Uses NLP Techniques to Catch Sexual Predators

Simon Kent of Sun News Network reports, "Here's a message for online perverts, pedophiles and assorted sexual deviants looking for children to exploit. Give up now. You've met your match - literally and figuratively… A Spanish scientist has created an Internet robotic agent called Negobot that poses as an emotionally vulnerable 14-year-old girl to engage you in the sort conversation you're seeking. Not that you'll know you're being trapped by your new anonymous chat buddy. Soon enough this virtual Lolita will alert authorities to your presence and the possibility of a conviction and a long jail sentence awaits, depending on the jurisdiction covering your crime."

Kent continues, "Dr. Carlos Laorden, 28, a researcher at Spain's University of Deusto, and his team have created the world's first cyberware designed to engage, identify and collect data on would-be pedophiles. He spoke exclusively to QMI Agency about Negobot and revealed it is just the latest step in a long research program that began in 2009 and will eventually be available in multiple languages thanks to translation technology."

He goes on, "The Basque police force in northern Spain has already shown interest in adopting his robot predator detector. 'At DeustoTech, the research centre at the University of Deusto, and more precisely at DeustoTech Computing, we have been working in several natural language processing (NLP) techniques that want to adapt to our conversational agent,' Laorden said. 'These techniques include common language problems such as word ambiguity, irony or synonymity.' It's not just the implicit language used by Negobot that helps it trap pedophiles through one-on-one chat room exchanges, it's programmed to act in a manner that could be considered vulnerable, trusting and naïve. Known as a 'conversational agent,' the software uses a process called game theory to simulate the behaviour of a young teenage girl."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Mapamondo Music