NetSeer Announces Brand-Safe Retargeting

Ad technology company NetSeer has announced “the introduction of brand-safe retargeting for display advertisers. By using its patent-pending contextual technology to identify key concepts deep into web pages, NetSeer is able to offer the best, most comprehensive brand safe retargeting solution in the industry, verifying content before placing ads, ensuring that an advertiser's brand will not be degraded by appearing on a site with objectionable or sensitive content. NetSeer's retargeting capabilities combine brand safety, complete transparency and content relevance with the scale and efficiency offered by the ad exchanges -- all within one advertising solution.”

The article adds, “NetSeer's concept-based technology analyzes nearly 1.5 billion impressions each day. NetSeer then applies its contextual technology, using its database of over 50 million concepts, to identify key intent on relevant pages. Unlike other services, NetSeer can even guarantee brand safety for retargeting campaigns. Next, its page-level sensitivity filters automatically blacklist pages with sensitive categories, including pornography and other adult content, drugs, hate speech and more. For example, this level of sensitivity ensures that an automobile company's ads will not appear on a site that has hate speech on it. This combination of advanced capabilities ensures complete brand safety and content relevance.”

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Image: Courtesy NetSeer