Networked Insights Announces Trial Program for SocialSense

Networked Insights reports that the company has launched an innovator trial program for its SocialSense semantic platform. According to the article, "SocialSense is the first platform that places smart and actionable real-time consumer insights into the hands of brand advertisers as well as media and entertainment companies. The platform leverages Networked Insights' years of expertise developing solutions for the world's most innovative brand marketers, enabling real-time marketing decisions that keep brands in-sync with their target audiences. The result is improved brand planning, targeting, messaging and activations."

It goes on, "Companies including Samsung, GE, and Revlon have relied on SocialSense for rapid discovery of genuine, unbiased audience interests from consumer conversations across the web. These companies have used the platform to gain greater marketing insights, improve decision-making, and stay competitive. The Innovator Trial Program gives leading brands the chance to experience the power of social data in new ways, allowing them to make more informed decisions that improve the strategic planning and execution of marketing programs."

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Image: Courtesy Networked Insights