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Networked Insights Launches Audience.ai, an AI-Fueled Audience Marketing Platform

By   /  April 7, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release, “Networked Insights today announced the launch of Audience.ai, an Artificial Intelligence-fueled marketing platform that allows marketers and agencies to build their own audiences, understand them deeply, and target them directly in ways never before possible. ‘Last year businesses wasted $347 billion globally on marketing campaigns that just didn’t work because they were focused on the wrong things. Our analytics show that people engage with brands less than 1% of their time, yet businesses are spending more than 75% of their budgets trying to drive those activities,’ said Networked insights CEO Dan Neely. ‘Relevance to your customers is everything. Marketers get better results by focusing on the things people actually care about in their lives – the other 99% of life. Audience.ai allows them to do that,’ said Neely.”

The release goes on, “Audience.ai harnesses billions of data points that people share about themselves in their digital footprint, mobile devices and through social apps, then intelligently organizes and classifies the data in over 25,000 different ways using Networked Insights’ AI engine Kairos. The result is the richest profile ever built about people and what matters to them, which marketers can tap into directly. Using Audience.ai, marketers now have the power to instantly build and understand their own highly granular custom audiences, from millennial sci-fi fans to super fit moms and more. They can then quickly activate highly relevant campaigns with the right media, directly targeted to the right people – all within one platform. Marketers are not longer limited to one system to plan segments and audiences and another to buy them. This removes the frustration and waste created by separate audience definitions for planning and buying, and helps drive dramatically improved results. Clients have used Audience.ai to achieve a 3x increase in content engagement, and an 8x in customer acquisition at a 40% lower cost.”

Read more at Business Wire.

Photo credit: Networked Insights

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