New Contest: Visualize Open Data & Win $2K

The Guardian, Google, and the Open Knowledge Foundation have launched a new competition to find the best open government data visualization. The announcement states: "Governments around the world are releasing a tidal wave of open data - on everything from spending through to crime and health. Now you can compare national, regional and city-wide data from hundreds of locations around the world. But how good is this data? We want to see what you can do with it. What apps and visualisations can you make with this data? We want to see how the data changes the way you see the world. In conjunction with Google and the Open Knowledge Foundation (who will be helping us judge the results), see if you can win the $2,000 prize."

The announcement continues, "All we want you to do is to take an open dataset from any government open data website (there's a list of them at the bottom of this article) and visualise it. You don't have to be a developer to enter this competition - although we are always interested in innovative new approaches to visualising data. The most important categories for us are visualisations that approach the subject in a new way, mashing up unexpected datasets with clear and beautiful visualisation. Feel free to use any of the links below, or find more if they tell the story better. Use your imagination: we want to see the best ways of exploring the data using the newest methods you can find. Use existing data visualisation tools - or develop your own new one. We want to be wowed - and educated."

Learn more and enter here.

Image: Courtesy The Guardian