New Grant to Promote Open Data in Developing Countries

Jose M. Alonso reports, "The Web Foundation is announcing a new grant, awarded by the Ford Foundation, to demonstrate and accelerate the global adoption of Open Data.  Within the scope of this grant, the Web Foundation will continue to contribute to raising global awareness of the feasibility and benefits of Open Data in developing countries.  There will be a special focus on Indonesia.  This effort is expected to last until the end of June, 2013."

He goes on, "The Web Foundation will continue to build global awareness about the benefits and challenges of Open Data and promote the idea of 'doing open Data well.' Using our six dimensional approach and thinking well beyond portals and data sets, we are committed to designing initiatives that last.  We will continue participating and speaking at events and convening meetings with the relevant stakeholders within and beyond government.  We will increase our community building efforts and, finally, we will build the foundation for a directory/toolkit of freely and openly available resources for the community at large to reuse."

Alonso adds, "The Web Foundation will also conduct an Open Data feasibility study in Indonesia in coordination with the Ford Foundation regional office. The study will build on the methodology and experience of two prior studies conducted by the Web Foundation in Ghana and Chile and the Web Foundation’s general Open Data expertise."

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Image: Courtesy World Wide Web Foundation