New Network, State Aggregates Global Opinion


Olivia Solon of Wired reports, "State is a communications platform app for iOS (and soon Android) that aggregates the opinions of people around the world to draw out insights about topics ranging from politics and business to entertainment and sports. The ambition is to create an 'opinion network' where anyone, anywhere can express an opinion about anything. The application aggregates those opinions to get a sense of what the world thinks of those topics. State was launched by a company called Equal Media, set up by brothers Alex and Mark Asseily in 2011. Alex has previously had success with consumer electronics company Jawbone, which he founded in 2006. The app launched in closed alpha in May 2013 with around 10,000 users, but it's now open to everyone."


Solon continues, "Doesn't Twitter already provide a pretty good 'opinion network'? Alex thinks not. 'The opinions out there in the world today represent a very thin slice. Most people are not motivated to express their opinion and the opinions out there for the most part are very chaotic and siloed. 98 percent of people never get heard,' he told… State is structured so that the topics and opinions are at the centre, rather than people. 'You don't need to be famous or savvy with hashtags,' Alex explains. 'The only requirement is expressing an opinion and we connect you with others who share the opinion.' How does State do that? It involves the semantic web. 'Everything has a definition. Politicians will have images associated with them -- like Google Knowledge Graph -- and Turkey is a thing on a map,' Alex told us."


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Image: Courtesy State