New Paper: Linked Open Government Data

The IEEE Intelligent Systems May-June Issue includes an article entitled Linked Open Government Data. The article was written by Li Ding of Qualcomm, Vassilios Peristeras of the European Commission, and Michael Hausenblas of the National University of Ireland, Galway. The abstract states, "Government data covers authoritative and valuable information about our society. Public access to government data, however, remains challenging largely due to the heterogeneity and complexity of the public information ecosystem which results in high costs for locating, decoding, inter-linking and reusing existing government data."

It continues, "Recently, linked data–based solutions have been adopted by the leading practitioners (such as in the US and in the UK) to offer an open and incremental ecosystem that interconnects providers, consumers, and contributors of open government data. This article first reports a community consensus on the architecture of the linked open government data ecosystem, then reviews the key technologies reported by works included in this special issue, and finally concludes with three grand challenges towards opening, linking, and reusing government data."

Read the full article here. Also be sure to check out the full Table of Contents for the IEEE Intelligent Systems May-June issue for more great articles (some require purchase).

Image: Courtesy IEEE