New Paper on Semantics and Drug Discovery Research

A new paper has been published entitled “Systems Chemical Biology and the Semantic Web: What They Mean for the Future of Drug Discovery Research.” The paper was written by David Wild, Ying Ding, Amit Sheth, Lee Harland, Eric Gifford, and Michael Lajiness. It can be downloaded for a fee of $27.95. According to the abstract, “Systems chemical biology, the integration of chemistry, biology and computation to generate understanding about the way small molecules affect biological systems as a whole, as well as related fields such as chemogenomics, are central to emerging new paradigms of drug discovery such as drug repurposing and personalized medicine.”

The abstract continues, “Recent Semantic Web technologies such as RDF and SPARQL are technical enablers of systems chemical biology, facilitating the deployment of advanced algorithms for searching and mining large integrated datasets. In this paper, we aim to demonstrate how these technologies together can change the way that drug discovery is accomplished.” Purchase the full paper here.

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