New Paper: Semantic Web meets Integrative Biology

A new paper is available for purchase entitled Semantic Web meets Integrative Biology: A Survey. The paper was written by Huajun Chen, Tong Yu, and Jake Y. Chen. According to the abstract, "Integrative Biology (IB) uses experimental or computational quantitative technologies to characterize biological systems at the molecular, cellular, tissue and population levels. IB typically involves the integration of the data, knowledge and capabilities across disciplinary boundaries in order to solve complex problems."

It continues, "We identify a series of bioinformatics problems posed by interdisciplinary integration: (i) data integration that interconnects structured data across related biomedical domains; (ii) ontology integration that brings jargons, terminologies and taxonomies from various disciplines into a unified network of ontologies; (iii) knowledge integration that integrates disparate knowledge elements from multiple sources; (iv) service integration that build applications out of services provided by different vendors.

Learn more and download the paper here.

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ theseanster93