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New Public Working Draft of Provenance Data Model

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Luc Moreau of the W3C reports, “The Provenance Working Group has released the fourth public working draft of its data model.”

Luc Moreau of the W3C reports, “The Provenance Working Group has released the fourth public working draft of its data model. The purpose of this blog is to summarize the changes that occurred since the third working draft. From an editorial perspective, three significant changes took place since the last release.”

The first change is, “The document has been reorganized into three separate documents. The data model document focuses on defining the vocabulary, in terms of its types and relations. A second document lists the constraints that should be checked to determine if provenance descriptions are valid. Finally, a third document presents the details of the PROV notation aimed at human consumption.” Second, “Each concept is defined with a simple English definition. A few starting points of the data model are presented early and used to illustrate the data model on an example.”

And third, “The types and relations of the data model are structured in a set of six components, respectively dealing with: (1) entities and activities, and the time at which they were created, used, or ended; (2) agents bearing responsibility for entities that were generated and activities that happened; (3) derivations of entities from entities; (4) properties to link entities that refer to the same thing; (5) collections forming a logical structure for its members; (6) a simple annotation mechanism.”

Learn more here.

Image: Courtesy W3C

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