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New Seevl API Lets Developers Add Music and Artist Data to Apps

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Steve O’Hear of TechCrunch reports, “Dublin-based Seevl has released an API for developers to let them easily add music recommendations and artist data to their apps.”


Steve O’Hear of TechCrunch reports, “Dublin-based Seevl has released an API for developers to let them easily add music recommendations and artist data to their apps. The new offering gives app makers access to some of the underlying technology that currently powers the Seevl consumer-facing app, which is a cross-service music discovery offering that gives music recommendations and lets you build ‘mix tapes’, amongst a plethora of music-related features. The Seevl API is powered by the startup’s own music meta-data graph, which itself is built on top of Freebase, Wikipedia and MusicBrainz, and uses Seevl’s in-house semantic technologies and recommendation and search algorithms — both founders, Alexandre Passant and Julie Letierce, previously worked at the renowned Semantic Web R&D lab DERI.”


O’Hear continues, “I asked Passant, CEO/CTO of Seevl, who the new API is aimed at? ‘Broadly speaking, anyone looking for music and artist-related meta-data,’ he says. ‘The main target being music-related startups/businesses (from streaming to e-commerce) looking for a turn-key solution to enable search, discovery, recommendations, and personalization on their platform, or wanting raw data to build their own system on top of our API.’ This could be anything from a company wanting to add a simple ‘related-artists’ feature, which, using Seevl, could be deployed with a few lines of Javascript, says Passant, ‘while a company looking for an ad-hoc personalisation stack may use our artist-data methods and add a machine-learning layer on top of it’.”


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Image: Courtesy Seevl


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