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New Semantic Search Engine Ixigo Claims to Search Like a Human

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P.R. Sanjai of Live Mint reports, “Aloke Bajpai , chief executive officer and co-founder of Le Travenues Technology Pvt. Ltd, says the technology of his online travel metasearch engine ixigo.com.”


P.R. Sanjai of Live Mint reports, “Aloke Bajpai , chief executive officer and co-founder of Le Travenues Technology Pvt. Ltd, says the technology of his online travel metasearch engine ixigo.com, developed completely in India, mimics the way humans think and reason. In an interview, Bajpai underscored that ixigo does not sell any tickets. It, instead, helps users decide which travel site to use for what sort of bookings, and then allows them to get to the page of their choice with a single click to complete the booking.”

Bajpai told Sanjai, “Our ‘Trip Planner’ understands travel queries in just the same way humans converse with each other, and produces simple, usable, info-rich pages that answer the query. We use open source technology (Linux) with cloud-based hosting and computing. We use programming and scripting languages including Java and Python. Our biggest technical strength is in aggregating and processing data/content from multiple sources and then presenting it intelligently and in a user-friendly manner. We are quite focused on semantic search, especially on natural language processing (NLP). Semantic search uses NLP to understand search queries. In simple words, it makes programs understand and analyse language just the way humans would. So, when I say ‘temples in India,’ the technology knows what I am looking for, and doesn’t just do a simple matching of keywords like most search engines do.”

He added, “Semantic search drastically improves the quality of travel search results by intelligently deciphering what people are actually looking for and giving a rich and useful page that answers the query. We believe semantic search technology has the power to change the way travel knowledge is searched and consumed online, and we already see that happening with our Trip Planner tool as well as in the industry with Google Knowledge Graph and Facebook Graph Search.”

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Image: Courtesy ixigo

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