New Startup Skymind Offers Support for Open Source Deep Learning


New Startup Skymind Offers Support for Open Source Deep Learning


Derrick Harris of GigaOM reports, "A San Francisco-based startup called Skymind launched on Monday to offer support and services for deeplearning4j, an open source deep learning project it has created. It’s early to tell how much traction deep learning will gain among mainstream companies or even web companies, but the technology does hold a lot of promise. The existence of open source libraries backed by professional services could certainly help spur adoption – especially for a field of data analysis previously relegated to top universities and research labs at companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Baidu."


Harris goes on, "Skymind founder Adam Gibson calls what he’s pushing 'enterprise distributed deep learning,' and he predicts more companies will be apt to give it a try if it’s packaged in a consumable manner. The deeplearning4j (or DL4j) models are tuned to run easily out of the box, and on standard CPU architectures (although the company might soon offer cloud-based GPU training environments), and are written in Java. 'We just want to make deep learning applicable to everybody else,' he said. In fact, he added, although it takes lots of brains and computers to really advance the state of art, deep learning environments are surprisingly easy — and flexible — once they’re up and running: 'The only thing that’s hard about neural networks is training. Once you have the models, you can run them anywhere.' That includes on laptops or smartphones (see, for example, the DeepBelief SDK for smartphone-based computer vision), or even as JavaScript in a web browser."


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Image: Courtesy Skymind