New W3C Semantic News Community Group

The W3C has formed a new online community group specifically for semantic web news. According to the homepage, “The Semantic News Community Group is a forum for exploring the intersection of W3C semantic technologies and news gathering, production, distribution and consumption. It will focus on a common representation for abstract ideas in the news domain such as a 'news event' or a domain ontology for news.”

Community involvement welcomed in the group includes the following: “(1) Review, test and comment on existing and proposed standards for semantic technologies in the news domain. (2) Encourage the reuse of well-known datasets and ontologies and propose mappings between them as required. (3) Best practices for publishing, exchanging and linking data, including use cases. (4) Development of prototypes to help build the business case for this approach. (5) Discuss design principles of schemas and ontologies.”

This is one of the W3C's new Community Groups (now in Beta).

For more information and discussion about Semantic Web Technologies in news and media, attend the Semantic Web Media Summit next month.

Image: Courtesy W3C