New Webinars and Podcasts in Semantics

On Tuesday, March 15, Karen Coyle will be leading a webinar on Linked Data, Tools and Technologies. According to the description, “This webinar will describe some of the basic data and software standards, as well as demonstrate implementations such as existing registries and vocabularies. Some of the issues for discussion will be data and vocabulary maintenance, the question of data provenance, and techniques for metadata extension.” Coyle was recently honored by the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services for her paper, “Understanding the Semantic Web: Bibliographic Data and Metadata.”

You can also enjoy this new podcast from Joe Francica and Adena Schutzberg, “Semantic Technology Meets Location: Untangling a Web of Location-based Tweets.” The sixteen minute podcast is described as follows: “How would a business distill the cacophony of ‘tweets’ and Facebook ‘likes’ into meaningful information, much of which has geospatial context? If semantic technology is able to understand the meanings of words expressed in their proper context, where do location-based data fit? Our editors discuss whether location technology is part of the semantic Web or just a ‘nice to have’ data point with marginal relevance.”