New Whitepaper: Semantic Technologies & Social Business Platforms

A new whitepaper is available for free via Refinder. The paper entitled Semantic Technologies Tap Unrealized Potentials of Social Business Platforms was written by Franz Jachim, Leo Sauermann and Bernhard Schandl. The abstract states, “Social technologies and collaboration tools start to find broad acceptance in the enterprise domain. As well, semantic technologies have been around for a while, offering a range of benefits in the handling of information, including the pervasive linking of content, fostering new forms of content discovery and navigation, and improving content metadata and information retrieval.”

The description continues, “In this whitepaper, you will learn (1) How and why semantic technologies improve core benefits of social software. (2) How business outcomes in areas like productivity, collaboration, decision making, knowledge preservation, information visibility can be achieved. (3) How findability, contextualisation and signalling of relevance of information are affected by semantic social business platforms.”

Download the paper here.

Image Courtesy Flickr/ dantaylr