News360 Launches Native Advertising Platform

Mary Lisbeth D'Amico of reports, "News360, a news aggregation app that seeks to learn users' interests and direct them to relevant content, this week announced the launch of a native advertising platform designed to help brands find and grow audiences for their sponsored content. The free app, which currently has four million users, uses semantic analysis and natural language processing to analyze user interests, reading behavior, and social cues. It then constructs a relevant news feed for each user. The launch of sponsored content embedded into its news feeds is the company's first attempt to monetize its service since it was founded in 2010, confirms Roman Karachinsky, CEO of News360."

D'Amico continues, "Karachinsky says the new platform also addresses a problem for brands: 'There are lots of brands out there with great content,' he tells ClickZ. 'But once they create that content, they don't have a good way of finding the people interested in consuming it.' …News360's approach is instead to apply its own web crawler to sponsored content. The news engine looks at the brand's content, analyzes the text, and finds the people who are most likely to engage with it, Karachinsky says, just as it would for regular news. 'For most users, we are a discovery platform. Integrating the sponsored content into this discovery scenario works really well, because people are expecting to find interesting content,' he says. Readers can like or dislike content, and if it becomes clear that a user dislikes all sponsored stories, the aggregator stops showing them."

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Image: Courtesy News360