No Siri Personal Assistant in iOS 5

There remained some questions last week about whether or not Apple's new iOS 5 operating system will bundle the semantically-enriched Siri personal assistant with it.

Looks like that's a no. According to 9to5Mac, for now Siri remains exclusive to the iPhone 4S (see our coverage here ). It is possible to update existing Apple devices to iOS 5, but seems those updates won't include the voice-enabled app.

So, while you can't literally talk to your another Apple device and ask it to remind you to call your spouse before you leave work, there is a Reminder feature that lets you jot down items on a to-do list. You'll then get an alert to actually do them on the date you indicate. Or, reminders also can be location-based to a particular place, so the alert to pick up milk at the grocery will activate when you drive near or into the supermarket parking lot.

All told, there are some 200 new features, according to the Apple iOS 5 site. Here are a few more:


Notification Center, all alerts in one place


iMessage service for sending unlimited text messages to other Apple devices

Magazine and app subscriptions organized in Newsstand