Nokusa EI Partners with Firestring on Semantic Engine, Serendipity

IT Web recently reported, "Nokusa EI has established a partnership with Firestring – one of the most significant new information management tools to arrive in the enterprise space. 'The system has huge potential in using the principals of social media for business,' says Kotze. 'What we do as humans is collaborate. While an organisation may exist in the sense of bricks and mortar, it's the interaction of people that actually constitutes the work of the company. Firestring allows people in large organisations to interact instinctively and organically, and in addition, it brings information and people together through its semantic engine. The engine, Serendipity, automatically tags information on behalf of users, which means manual indexing to bring structure to information is no longer necessary'."

The article goes on, "Most organisations, and especially large, geographically disparate entities, currently work with multiple large technology systems that challenge users in terms of control and understanding. In this traditional context, the user is the vital point of integration and intelligence. But Firestring offers a radical alternative. Imagine, for example, the shift boss on a mine being able to submit his report via video. Or, important contextual notes for a meeting being posted into a social media styled team interface, before the meeting even starts. Firestring removes the burden placed on humans to make the information system work, fundamentally altering the way knowledge flows through the organisation in the process. The system, underpinned by its sophisticated semantic engine, is able to analyse what users do with information within the network. It then brings the two elements together in an interface which is familiar to social media users, but which contains significantly more technical power."

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Image: Courtesy Firestring