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NoSQL? How About NoDBMS?

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NoSQL Now! Conference

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About the Presentation

“NoSQL” encompasses many ideas, including the type and size of the targeted data, its physical storage on disk, its logical organization, how queries are expressed, and how the database software is managed. It is a way of doing databases that is different from that of the traditional RDBMS, and it makes a lot of sense, given the limitations of traditional technologies and emerging needs in our changing world. But what if databases were unnecessary altogether? In this session we will explore idea of taking “no SQL” to it’s logical conclusion.

About the Speaker

Sandy Steier
CEO & Cofounder
With more than a quarter century of industry experience, Mr. Steier is recognized as an innovator behind the adoption of advanced analytic technologies by financial services institutions. Before co-founding 1010data, Mr. Steier was a Vice President and manager of research and technology at UBS North America, where he supported several trading desks and contributed significantly to the evolution of the firm into a leader in the use of advanced technologies. Previously, as Senior Vice President at Lehman Brothers, Mr. Steier led the effort to migrate mortgage-backed securities analytical programming from mainframes to workstations. Earlier in his career, while a Vice President at Morgan Stanley, Mr. Steier was responsible for product development and analysis of fixed-income securities. He pioneered the research and development of many complex financial instruments and designed and implemented the software required to analyze them.

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