Nuance CTO on the Future of Voice Search

After releasing Dragon Go! For the iPhone and iPad, Nuance Technologies looks to be providing the speech technology for iOS 5. Given that Nuance provides the vocal language interface for Siri, the intelligent personal digital assistant that was later acquired by Apple, this doesn't come as a big surprise.  In a recent interview, Nuance CTO Vlad Sejnoha “painted a broader picture of how speech technology is poised to be a game-changer for smartphones, especially as they get embedded deeper into the operating systems and hardware. He said speech is transforming from an alternative to text input into a much more powerful tool that can understand user internet and connect them more quickly to information, using natural language processing, semantic analysis and cloud computing. In essence, speech is becoming the smart short cut for mobile.”  

Sejnoha added, “Speech can be built to complement and enhance other interfaces helping you find existing applications or information you’re familiar with but it’s hard to launch or find. Speech can get you there. It’s really powerful direct access; we’re just entering an amazing era of speech.”

The article continues, “He said it makes more sense to move speech technology deeper into smartphones, integrating it from the ground up, which will open even more opportunities for speech to aid in the user experience. Sejnoha said handset manufacturers are very interested in integrating speech as a differentiator, to make their hardware stand out. Ultimately, he believes all smartphones will include some form of this deep speech integration working in concert with the visual interface. We’re already seeing that with Microsoft’s use of speech in Windows Phone 7 and Google’s use of voice in Android.”

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Image: Courtesy Nuance