Nuance Set to Launch Dragon Go for Android

Kevin Fitchard reports, “There are a lot of bad Siri imitators in the Android Market, but Monday night a pretty close approximation to Apple’s now-iconic personal assistant will be available. At CES, Nuance Communications is launching an Android version of Dragon Go, its voice-powered semantic search app. Nuance developed the speech recognition and natural language technology that powers Siri and many other voice assistant services, but it also maintains its own consumer-facing applications under the Dragon banner.”

Fitchard continues, “Earlier Monday at CES, Nuance announced Dragon TV, a voice interface platform for televisions and set-top boxes. Dragon Go, however, is hardly an exact approximation of Siri. It can’t integrate with the device’s on-board apps and features, but when it comes to searching for content off the device it can match, if not beat, Siri’s capabilities.”

He goes on, “Nuance has a stable of 200 content providers ranging from to Fandango, to which Dragon Go directs queries once Nuance’s network-based natural-language interpretation engine infers the searcher’s intent. For instance, you could tell Dragon Go to play a particular song by a favorite artist and it would either take you to Spotify, where the song would immediately start playing if you were a premium user, or to Pandora, which would play a preset station of that artist.”

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Image: Courtesy Nuance