Nuance's Voice Is Heard: Its Tech Featured In Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch And Surfi AI Answer Engine

Nuance Communications is high-profile this week. The company has announced that Samsung's new Galaxy Gear wearable smart watch and Galaxy Note 3 tablet will integrate its voice and language capabilities. Additionally, word comes from SpeechTrans that its new natural language processing application for Windows 8 and Windows RT, which – like Apple’s Siri – leverages Nuance’s speech recognition smarts, has been released.

Dubbed Surfi, SpeechTrans’ artificial intelligence answer engine was designed and funded in part by Microsoft. Downloadable here, the app can answer your spoken queries (up to 30 seconds long) – like where’s a good spot to eat or how many calories are in what you just ate – with a spoken response, and it helps you go shopping, too. Say “buy, purchase, or shop” followed by the item name that you’re interested in, and SpeechTrans claims the app will show you the product with the guaranteed lowest prices through

It’s also integrated with Bing search, so if Surfi doesn’t directly know the answer, it will open up the search engine to find it.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Smartwatch are due in October. Samsung has an expanding line of devices that include S-Voice voice recognition technology that leverages Nuance cloud-based voice recognition, conversational dialogue, and natural language understanding tech to take on tasks like telling the phone to wake up, answering a call or snapping a pix. But the announcement that the smartwatch will include Nuance's voice and intelligent systems-based technology marks the first use of such technology in the wearables' category, according to Nuance.

Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile, said in a statement that, “Through the power of voice, people are able to effortlessly and intuitively engage this new paradigm of wearable technology. The reality of wearable voice input that understands, learns, anticipates and adapts is now here."