NYC Open Data Launches New Blog to Showcase Datasets

NYC Open Data has created a new Tumblr blog to showcase datasets and visualizations that the organization makes available to developers. According to the blog’s About Us page, “As part of Mayor Bloomberg’s commitment to transparency and innovation, over 800 (and counting!) city datasets are now online for anyone in New York or around the world to explore and access via an API for deeper, real-time integration into apps and websites.”

It continues, “We are happy to have so many datasets, maps, and documents online, but we know that it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this Tumblr: to showcase datasets that we think New Yorkers will find interesting, compelling and thought-provoking. While developers can create apps, we think that New Yorkers from all walks of life benefit from and appreciate our data. We invite you to create and submit visualizations to be featured on the blog. Just open any dataset and click “visualize” in the top right corner. We are eager to hear your feedback and suggestions.”

Check out the blog here.

Image: Courtesy NYC Open Data