Open Jobs in Semantics

NexGen Solutions is looking for a Lead Web Developer in San Francisco, CA. The responsibilities of this position include, “Lead web development of core features for a next generation analytics and reports application focused on the life sciences domain. Define and drive the overall web architecture, including integration of semantically structured healthcare and biomedical content and user-contributed content. Lead developer of the web application tier, including selection and use of web frameworks and horizontally-scalable system architectures as appropriate. Responsible for architecture and scalability of application tier and for guiding the team's designs with an eye toward scalability issues. Design and development of core application features, adapting from best-of-breed Web 2.0 examples whenever possible.”

Accenture Technology Labs is seeking a Technology Labs Research Manager. This position can be located in San Jose, CA; Washington DC; or Chicago, IL. “Accenture Technology Labs is seeking creative and energetic candidates capable of helping to define and execute a strong research program in the following areas:” cyber security technologies, multi channel interaction data and platforms, and analytics. The post indicates that Accenture technology has several openings for Technology Researchers.

Ushahidi also has multiple openings which are not limited to a specific location. The company is looking for a Senior Web Application Developer, an Online Ethnographer/Behaviorist, and a Computational Linguistics Expert. Each position requires at least a one year commitment. Ushahidi is a “non-profit tech company that specializes in developing free and open source software for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping.”

Image: Courtesy NexGen Solutions