Opening Up World Bank's Data

Tim Herzog recently reported on World Bank's efforts to make its data more open and accessible. He writes, "One of our goals in the next year is to make World Bank open data easier to find and use. As a start, we recently redesigned the country pages on to showcase other open data resources, such as ProjectsFinancesMapping For ResultsMicrodata, and the Climate Change Knowledge Portal. From any country page, you can now preview the data and navigate to the corresponding country page on any of these other sites. If you're a developer or data geek and you're interested in how this works under the hood, then read on."

He continues, "Increasingly, many World Bank data websites include an Application Programming Interface (API) that makes data available in XML, JSON and/or other machine-readable formats. APIs make it easy for any software platform, such as a website, to access and interpret the underlying data… Most of the country-level, time-series data—including indicators in the WDI section—are accessible through the standard World Bank data API. The website itself is essentially a fancy data browser that queries the API and displays results as tables, charts and graphs."

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Image: Courtesy World Bank