OpenWays Apps Turn Phones into Keys

OpenWays has created a line of mobile apps that allow smart phones to be used as hotel room keys: “Mobile Key by OpenWays is the first and only ubiquitous mobile phone-based front-desk bypass solution that is truly deployable today and enables hotel guests to use any of the 5.8 billion cell phones worldwide as a room key. It is fully interoperable, carrier independent and highly secure. This self-service option is meeting guests’ demands for more service and it’s reducing hotels’ operating costs while building competitive advantages.”

The article continues, “This generation Mobile Key app, like its first generation platform, allows smartphone users to securely obtain their room number and room key by simply pressing an icon on their intelligent device. New to this release is the way the apps are developed, using an innovative cross-compilation technology combined with semantic analysis. The approach means that the deployment, maintenance and updating of Mobile Key apps across all platforms are much simpler than ever before.”

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Image: Courtesy OpenWays