Oscar Picks With The Help of Semantic and Sentiment Analytics Technology

Sunday night’s the big stroll down the red carpet for Hollywood’s elite -- for the 85th time. But no need to wait until then to have some fun with old Oscar.

Some services with semantics and sentiment analytics in their genes have already begun. Here are a few examples:

Jinni, the semantic movie and TV Taste engine, has created a detail-filled graphic, based on analysis and cross-referencing it did according to its own Jinni Entertainment Genome (see its blog post here for a look at the entire graphic and more info on its creation):


























General Sentiment examined sentiment in social media and on Twitter toward each of the Best Pix, Actor and Actress nominees from January 20 through February 19, 2013. Here’s its leaderboard and some possible disruptive influences too:

Argo in the lead; Beasts of the Southern Wild, Zero Dark Thirty and Silver Linings Playbook contesting.






Daniel Day Lewis in the lead, Hugh Jackman contending


Emmanuelle Riva in the lead, Jessica Chastain contending






Topsy is at it again, following up its U.S. presidential sentiment tracking with its Twitter Oscar Index. This one measures how Twitter users are referring to Academy Award nominees relative to the overall conversation on Twitter on any given day. From Jan. 22 to Feb 20 things were stacking up like this on the Best Picture front, with Silver Lining Playboard (that’s the blue line in the middle) getting a 92 index, meaning that comments about that nominee are more positive than roughly 92 percent of all the other terms on Twitter. Life of Pi was indexed at 89.5 and Les Miserable, in red, earned an 88 index:



Google's got a stake in the game, too, though its Knowledge Graph doesn’t seem to play a starring role in its Academy Award predictions. It's making them solely on search volume, it appears. But what the heck, here’s the web giant’s Search Picks for Oscar winners:



Now just grab your popcorn and your own ballot list, and see how things really work out on Sunday.