Outlier Digital Uses Semantics to Open Up World of Fan Fiction

A new article out of Digital Book World reports, "Outlier Digital, a new imprint from the film and television production company responsible for producing the Twilight Saga and several other hit properties, wants to do what it says Amazon’s new fan fiction platform Kindle Worlds can’t: set fan fiction free. According to a press release, Outlier Digital will provide authors a way to sell their fan fiction for licensed work — just like Kindle Worlds. The announcement claims the company is in discussions will well-known authors and franchises and is 'striking deals' prior to launch this summer, but offers no details on the properties it has or will license. The possibility of licensing Twilight is teased but not explicitly spelled out. The company has not yet responded to request for comment."

The article continues, "Outlier has been researching computational morphology with prominent PhD’s in Linguistics, Mathematics, Statistics, Neurobiology, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science in order to enhance the fan fiction experience. Outlier Digitial is using this information technology in a variety of innovative knowledge-based applications based on the extraction of useful knowledge from vast and diverse online sources. Using the mantra, 'Do no harm', Outlier directly acquires large-scale data-mining, statistical analysis, and data analytics from experts in knowledge engineering, machine learning, natural language processing, human–computer interaction, artificial intelligence, Semantic Web knowledge-intensive collaborative tasks, and new methods for computational approaches."

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Image: Courtesy Outlier Digital