Paris-Based Semantic Search Company Exalead Has Spawned 20+ Startups


Liam Boogar of recently wrote, "In Paris, I believe that we can tie [the current startup] ecosystem back to Exalead, a semantic search startup founded in 2000 which sold for $162 Million in 2010 to Dassault Systèmes. I sat down with former VP of Research & Development at Exalead Florian Douetteau, who began working at the company in 2000 as a late-entry founder, who provided an extensive list of companies that have sprung up out of Exalead in the past few years. Florian Douetteau is currently co-founder of Dataiku, 'the data science platform,' so we can check that off the list right away. Stupeflix, a video-creation web service whose CTO, François Lagunas, spent 6 years at Exalead as a Scientific Director."

He continues, "Former Web Marketer for Exalead, Benjamin Bianchet is currently CMO of peer-to-peer payments platform Leetchi, which was recently featured in Wired as France’s top startup. Nitrogram (Instagram analytics) CTO Stanislas Polu counts an internship as a software engineer at Exalead in his work experience, in addition to an internship at Apple & Oracle. Algolia, which recently raised $1.5 Million, is cofounded by two former R&D directors at Exalead, Julien Lemoine & Nicolas Dessaigne. Music learning service Jellynote & Video search & analytics service Veezio aren’t just graduates from Paris’ LeCamping accelerator, they’re also founded by former engineers at Exalead. Going down the list, OpenDataSoftMyJobCompanyBooksetRunOrgArchivezenAltirnao,GumbayaNexkapcogniteev & Spycommerce were all founded by former Exalead employees, and many of them feature semantic search components as the core of their technology. In addition to that plethora of startups, many startups & companies are home to former Exalead employees, now employed by the likes of TapValue, TinyClues, LinkFluence, Aldebaran, Scality, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Rakuten, and many more."

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Image: Courtesy Exalead