PeerIndex Raises $3M in Funding

Semantic startup PeerIndex has raised $3 million in Series A funding to help build its social influence marketing platform. According to Krystal Peak of VatorNews, "PeerIndex, much like Klout, claims to measure just how influential people are online by using algorithms to see how may people read and re-tweet their Twitter activity or respond to Facebook status updates or connect with them on Foursquare and other services. But consumers around the globe have been critical of just how these influence rates are calculated and whether influence is certain categories is weighed more heavily than others."

She continues, "Also like Klout, PeerIndex uses its algorithms to connect brands with the social media mavins that are most influential in overlapping topics -- i.e. connecting Volvo with people that are influential in luxuries purchases, cars, racing, driving or other topics.  PeerIndex has partnered with companies such as Atlantic Records and Penguin Books in the past for different campaigns that offer PeerIndex users perks for being so influential in particular topics. PeerIndex says that the funding will go toward expanding the B2B business as well as its consumer PeerPerks."

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Image: Courtesy PeerIndex