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Pessimistic Security, Embedded AI and GDPR to Reign Supreme in the Legal Sector in 2018

By   /  January 23, 2018  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release, “Roy Russell, CEO of Ascertus Limited, highlights the top three technology trends in the legal sector in 2018: (1) ‘Me too’ artificial intelligence (AI) products will become prevalent and software vendors will rush to embed AI within their applications – Over the last year or so, many large law firms have dabbled with AI technology, with some building their own systems and others deploying separate tools for areas such as contract analysis, information retrieval, analysing court rulings and more. These firms are now finding that it takes much more time and effort than they had originally anticipated to create these bespoke, from the ground up, AI solutions.”

The release goes on, “(3) With the GDPR countdown truly in motion, law firms will adopt more advanced approaches to data security – The Panama Papers and other recent high profile cases have clearly highlighted the reputational damage a security breach can cause. Come 25 May 2018, when the new GDPR comes into force, the business impact of a data breach of the like of Appleby will be debilitating for a law firm. Going beyond standard security measures such as analysing application logs, network traffic, endpoint device activity and files downloaded by systems users; firms will adopt more advanced approaches to data security such as behavioural modelling, machine learning and forensics. Leveraging historical and contextual information, such technologies will enable firms to evaluate individual behaviour and automatically alert the organisation based on deviations from normal activities.”

Read more at RealWire.

Photo credit: Ascertus

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