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Pew Research Reports Internet of Things Will Thrive by 2025

By   /  May 15, 2014  /  No Comments

Janna Anderson and Lee Rainie recently shared a new report out of Pew Research on the Internet of Things.


Janna Anderson and Lee Rainie recently shared a new report out of Pew Research on the Internet of Things. They write, “This current report is an analysis of opinions about the likely expansion of the Internet of Things (sometimes called the Cloud of Things), a catchall phrase for the array of devices, appliances, vehicles, wearable material, and sensor-laden parts of the environment that connect to each other and feed data back and forth. It covers the over 1,600 responses that were offered specifically about our question about where the Internet of Things would stand by the year 2025. The report is the next in a series of eight Pew Research and Elon University analyses to be issued this year in which experts will share their expectations about the future of such things as privacy, cybersecurity, and net neutrality.”


They continue, “Survey respondents expect the Internet of Things to be evident in many places, including: (1) Bodies: Many people will wear devices that let them connect to the Internet and will give them feedback on their activities, health and fitness. They will also monitor others (their children or employees, for instance) who are also wearing sensors, or moving in and out of places that have sensors. (2) Homes: People will be able to control nearly everything remotely, from how their residences are heated and cooled to how often their gardens are watered. Homes will also have sensors that warn about everything from prowlers to broken water pipes. (3) Communities: Embedded devices and smartphone apps will enable more efficient transportation and give readouts on pollution levels. ‘Smart systems’ might deliver electricity and water more efficiently and warn about infrastructure problems.”


Stuart Dredge of The Guardian shared ten things he learned from the report, including: “The ‘quantification of the self is already a much talked-about concept, particularly around fitness tracking. It looks set to accelerate by 2025, and some of the consequences sound frankly terrifying. ‘Every part of our life will be quantifiable, and eternal, and we will answer to the community for our decisions. For example, skipping the gym will have your gym shoes auto tweet (equivalent) to the peer-to-peer health insurance network that will decide to degrade your premiums,’ said social media educator Laurel Papworth.”


Read the rest of Dredge’s insights here, or find the full report at Pew Research.

Image: Courtesy Pew Research


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