Pingar Catches Semi-Structured Data from Invoices

A new article reports that “Pingar, a leading provider of unstructured data management solutions today announced a new tool for enterprises to quickly capture data and business intelligence stored in documents and use that data for business advantage and operational efficiency. Invoice Analyzer extends Pingar’s proven ability to apply text analytics and natural language processing research, to capture, sort and analyze data in unstructured documents to include semi-structured data.”

Pingar CEO Peter Wren-Hilton stated, “A significant number of enterprises regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business and markets,” said Peter Wren-Hilton, Pingar CEO. “Invoices are exchanged between businesses on an every-day basis, and they all contain the same information: What is the amount of the invoice? Who is issuing the invoice? How is the payment to be made? Capturing and organizing this information can give clues to critical supply chain and cash flow questions and help business analysts make better decisions.”

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Image: Courtesy Pingar