Poderopedia Launches Public Beta

Miguel Paz of the Idea Lab recently announced that Poderopedia, a data journalism project that we have reported on recently, went into public beta last week. Paz writes, "We are pleased to invite you to Poderopedia, a project backed by Knight Foundation through its News Challenge 2011. We believe that Poderopedia will save reporters time in their reporting and will help citizens understand the relationships between people, companies and organizations that influence our daily lives. We know our 3,000 pre-registered users have been waiting several months, and therefore we want to thank them and you for your patience and support through this invitation to browse our site and review the profiles of individuals, businesses and most influential organizations in our country."

He continues, "Of course, the site is still in beta, which means it is a 'work in progress' and as such, surely you may find things are not going to be 100 percent, as well as areas we should fix or improve and that still need to be completed. These are all things that we intend to do on a daily basis. Please report any bugs you may find, tell us about what you like and dislike, and share your ideas using our Feedback tool. If you want more background information, PBS Idea Lab featured a long and detailed post last week where we explain our goals and roadmap since we started building Poderopedia."

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Image: Courtesy Poderopedia