Poderopedia Pushes Forward with Data Journalism Transparency

Miguel Paz of the Idea Lab recently discussed how the team behind Poderopedia, a project we have covered previously, has been going through a period "full of learning, making mistakes, correcting them, and learning again in a never-ending iteration process. In the beginning of November, we started our private beta testing with friends and family, fixing bugs and updating the platform in order to release our public beta in December. When we launch, we'll include feedback tools on our website to gather your ideas and suggestions. We'll also include basic guidelines on how to create a local chapter of Poderopedia in other countries."

He goes on, "For those of you who haven't read our earlier posts on Idea Lab, a brief explanation about the project: Poderopedia is an editorial and crowdsourced data journalism website that uses public data, semantic web technology, and network visualizations to map who's who in business and politics in Chile. Its aim is to promote greater transparency and to become a tool that helps journalists do better journalism, with richer data, more context, and visualizations that make massive amounts of connections and information accessible to any citizen. Our motivation behind this comes from the belief that because information is power, everyone should be entitled to that information in order to help people make more informed decisions; shed light on eventual conflicts of interest; make powerful people, companies and institutions more accountable of their acts; and promote better democracy and transparency."

Watch the following video for more, or read more here.

Image: Courtesy Poderopedia