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Powerful Facts about Big Data

By   /  August 27, 2014  /  1 Comment

by Gil Allouche

Maybe your company is considering implementing some sort of big data strategy for the first time. Or, maybe you already have implemented a big data strategy, but you’re not sure if it was the right decision. Maybe you’ve just heard about big data and want to understand a little more about this technology that everyone seems to be talking about these days.

Whatever your background or experience with big data, it’s important that you understand one thing — big data is here to stay. It’s time to embrace it. Big data is a technology that, with the incredible data growth that’s occurring and will continue to occur, is becoming paramount for businesses far and wide.

Here a five powerful facts about big data:

1. Big data is changing the world

Whether it’s fighting cancer and heart disease, eliminating injuries in sports and the military or helping small businesses find innovative, new ways to market and sell their product, big data is changing the world. And, it’s changing it for the better.

With the powerful tools created by big data technology, like Amazon Elastic MapReduce, there isn’t an industry out there that can’t make use of big data. It’s helping entities far and wide, big and small reach their true potential.

2. Big data in the cloud is key catalyst behind big data growth

In the past, big data was a special set of tools set aside for big, powerful companies that had large amounts of capital to invest in expensive infrastructure, large data teams and constant maintenance.

For a small business, actually implementing big data technology was nearly impossible. It was more of a novelty than a reality.

Welcome to 2014 when that has all changed. With big data in the cloud, companies of every size, all across the globe are now taking advantage of big data’s amazing powers through big data in the cloud.

By using cloud storage, the service providers eliminate some of the biggest drawbacks companies saw with traditional big data, the same ones mentioned above — expensive infrastructure and startup costs, expensive data teams and expensive maintenance costs.

Now, companies can start up with big data in days, they don’t have expensive up front fees, and they don’t have to worry about maintenance or huge data teams.

3. Big data is coming soon to an industry near you

There is no stopping the big data train.

If it’s not already, it’s going to be in your industry very, very soon. There are a few reasons behind this. First, with the internet and all the smart devices, there’s more information than ever before. That information is too big for many traditional databases. The only way for companies to make use of that data is through big data. Second, big data is effective. It’s giving companies insights they never dreamed of before. It’s ability to gather and analyze huge amounts of data in seconds and minutes is priceless to many businesses.

You’re going to see it’s impact soon.

4. Companies won’t survive the data growth without big data

According to a recent study by Forrester Research, quoted in InformationWeek, companies analyze, on average, a paltry 12 percent of all their data.

12 percent!

Now, combine that fact with the fact that total data is expected to reach 40 zetabytes (close to 1 billion terabytes) by 2020 and you’ve got a big dilemma for companies.

They already are avoiding huge portions of their data stores and those stores are going to increase exponentially.

Without big data technology companies won’t survive the data influx. They need big data’s power and speed to handle the data and make sense of it.

5. Jobs in big data will continue to increase

Big data is already one of the most promising industries for employment and there’s no sign of quitting in the foreseeable future.

If you’re a tech person, a data scientist of any sort or a cyber security expert, there’s a job for you with big data. And, it’s most likely a high paying one.

The growth, the evolution in technology and a host of other factors are going to keep big data jobs on the rise.

There is much to be expected of big data now and in the future. While this is just a small list of big data facts, there are numerous others that make this technology so important. It’s changing the world, one step at a time.

About the author

Gil Allouche is the Vice President of Marketing at Qubole. Most recently Sr. Director of Marketing for Karmasphere, a leading Big Data Analytics company offering SQL access to Apache Hadoop, where he managed all marketing functions, Gil brings a keen understanding of the Big Data target market and its technologies and buyers. Prior to Karmasphere, Gil was a product marketing manager and general manager for the TIBCO Silver Spotfire SaaS offering where he developed and executed go-to-market plans that increased growth by 600 percent in just 18 months. Gil also co-founded 1Yell, a social media ad network company. Gil began his marketing career as a product strategist at SAP while earning his MBA at Babson College and is a former software engineer.

  • Great post by a great new Dataversity blogger. Some times you just have to draw the powerful facts to people’s attention! Here’s a couple more — a) with Big changes come Big risks. Not enough is being done yet to understand where Big Data exploitation can go off the rails. 2) All that job growth is going to drive skills shortage that will push up the cost of talent. if you’re running IT, get your Data Scientists early and cherish them!

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