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Predictions for Enterprise Mobility in 2013

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mseby Angela Guess

Regev Yativ, President and CEO of Magic Software Enterprises Americas recently shared his predictions for enterprise mobility in 2013. Yativ writes, “So, after following technology trends for 18 years and 15 years of mobile addiction, (I got my first mobile when it was too big to carry and my first BlackBerry in 2002), and more than 5 years as president and CEO the US branch of a NASDAQ company specializing in enterprise application and integration platforms, I decided to give you my view of what 2013¬†will bring for enterprise mobility. I call it the rise of the New Age Enterprise. ‘Mobile Osmosis,’ a gradual, unconscious, absorption of knowledge and ideas around mobility from the consumer (personal world) over the last 10 years through continual exposure (rather than deliberate learning) is penetrating into the Enterprise world and giving birth to the NAE- New Age Enterprise. All we know from our personal world of using mobile phones, all the habits, routines and expectations, is being funneled into Enterprise Software practice.”

The first item on Yativ’s list: “Companies will be going mobile whether they plan for it or not: Employees will force it, and IT departments will be required to keep up. (Of course, it would have been better if they had gotten ahead of the curve and harnessed the trend to the benefit of the business instead of waiting for Osmosis to take its course.)” Second: “Mobile adoption will become more strategic rather than purely tactical, with more companies looking at the big picture and developing company-wide mobile strategies and solutions to deliver the business value expected from New Age Enterprises.” Third: “IT leaders will increase their value within the organization as they take more responsibility for enhancing business processes via mobile v. simply trying to mobilize existing apps.”

Get the rest of Yativ’s predictions from Magic Software Enterprises.

photo credit: Magic Software

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