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Predixion Software and Carolinas HealthCare System Partner to Improve Care Delivery

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Predixion Software, a leading developer of collaborative predictive analytics software, announced today the joint development of Predixion Length of Stay (LOS) Insight.


ORLANDO, FL–(Marketwired – Feb 24, 2014) — Predixion Software, a leading developer of collaborative predictive analytics software, announced today the joint development of Predixion Length of Stay (LOS) Insight. This software solution will allow hospitals to develop individualized care plans based on each patient’s risk factors and use this information to optimize the delivery of needed healthcare services. Carolinas HealthCare System, one of the largest non-profit healthcare systems in the nation, is co-developing this novel platform, leveraging the healthcare system’s expertise in acute care delivery and substantial investments in data and analytics.


Optimizing care delivery and reducing each patient’s length of stay in the hospital is a consistent challenge to provider organizations across the country. Hospitals can receive financial penalties and reduced reimbursement for hospital stays that extend beyond CMS guidelines. With Predixion LOS Insight, hospital care managers can identify each patient’s risk for having an extended LOS in real time, and then they can take proactive steps to mitigate these risks and optimize the delivery of services in order to improve patient care.


“The partnership to co-develop this platform is a direct result of Carolinas HealthCare System’s commitment to transforming healthcare for the benefit of our patients, community and the health care industry,” said Carolinas HealthCare System Chief Medical Officer Roger Ray, MD. “Thanks to our size, clinical expertise and depth of analytical talent we can help to conceptualize and develop predictive models that will improve patient care not only at Carolinas HealthCare System, but at healthcare systems throughout the country.”


Traditionally, hospitals have used historical data and standardized benchmarks assigned by an intake nurse at the time of admittance to manage length of stay. Often that data remains static and is not re-evaluated until the patient exceeds the estimated length of stay. Predixion LOS Insight applies powerful predictive models to this process to provide a more dynamic and forward-looking analysis of the many variables that influence each patient’s length of stay. Additionally, the solution enables hospitals to gain clear visibility of the factors driving LOS to optimize the delivery of care and achieve better clinical outcomes.


About Predixion Software


Predixion Software is a disruptive predictive analytics software company with a unique focus on the development of portable predictive applications via its patent pending Machine Learning Semantic Model™ (MLSM) and the Last Mile of Analytics™ — the deployment of powerful predictions to the people who need to act upon them. Predixion offers an easy-to-deploy self-service predictive analytics solution that allows customers to unlock deep insights within their data with technology that integrates with leading business intelligence platforms, business applications and clinical systems. Predixion has over 245 companies using Predixion Enterprise Insight in 63 countries. For more information visit us at www.predixionsoftware.com. Social media links: TwitterFacebookLinkedIn.


Original Release: MarketWired

Image: Courtesy Predixion Software


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