Presentation: SPARQL, Queries, & Linked Data

A new presentation from the ICWE Conference is available online. The presentation is titled An Introduction to SPARQL and Queries over Linked Data: "Nowadays, more and more datasets are published on the Web adhering to the Linked Data principles. The availability of this data, including the existence of data-level connections between datasets, presents exciting opportunities for the next generation of Web-based applications. As a consequence, consuming Linked Data is a highly relevant topic in the context of Web engineering. Our introductory tutorial aims to provide participants with an understanding of one of the basic aspects of Linked Data consumption, that is, querying Linked Data."

The description continues, "The tutorial consists of three main parts: First, we briefly introduce the concept of Linked Data and its underlying data model, the resource description framework (RDF). The second and largest part provides a comprehensive introduction to SPARQL, the de facto query language for RDF. Participants will learn how to express basic queries with SPARQL and how to use the more complex features of the language. Finally, in the third part of the tutorial, we discuss several approaches for executing SPARQL queries over multiple, interlinked datasets. We understand the tutorial as a beginners' introduction. The pre-requisites for participation in this tutorial include a broad technical understanding of querying databases, and a basic conceptual understanding of the architecture of the World Wide Web."

Download the full presentation here.

Image: Courtesy ICWE