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Prifender Announces the Launch of PAPI, a Privacy API

By   /  February 16, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

A recent press release reports, “San Francisco based startup Prifender announced today the release of a new Privacy Application Program Interface (patent pending), aimed to assist corporate applications make the most effective use of the personal information that is available across the enterprise. Many organizations today are struggling to make sense out of the personal information they keep in their repositories. Prifender’s core technology, which in September 2016 won it the Most Promising Privacy Startup award, finds identities in structured and unstructured data and associates them with the most accurate identifiers and the obligations associated with them. PAPI allows other applications access to Prifender’s core solution, serving these applications with the most up to date and accurate personal information that is available across the enterprise.”

The release goes on, “For companies struggling with meeting the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PAPI offers a solution for addressing one of the most challenging requirements – providing individuals with a way to find out whether a company keeps information about them and what that information is. PAPI allows companies to create an externally facing portal for such interaction with external stakeholders such as consumers, customers, online visitors and even suppliers. There are many other use cases of how various corporate applications can benefit from having access to Prifender’s rich identity inventory. GRP tools can access relevant data and initiate proper workflows. PAPI also enables DLP solutions to query Prifender’s database. This connectivity empowers the solution to cover more use cases and to stop potential violations. Furthermore, data accumulated in Prifender can enrich other security and eDiscovery tools.”

Read more at PRweb.

Photo credit: Prifender

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