The Privacy Concerns of Facebook's Graph Search


Megan Marrs of WordStream reports, "Facebook Graph Search first launched in March 2013, allowing users to search for people, photos, places, and interests within the Facebook search engine. Facebook Graph Search provides custom search results based on your own personal data, including information in the profiles of your friends. As you type a search query, Facebook Graph Search auto-completes the query, suggesting friendships through existing connections, Facebook pages, and apps, before finally providing web results. In recent months, Facebook developers have made Graph Search even more powerful, now capable of providing results on searches for: status updates, photo captions, comments, check-ins. The updated Facebook Graph Search can also search for posts from a specific place or time period."

Marrs continues, "It’s a bit hard to understand what this really means until you see Facebook Graph Search work in action. Below are some example search queries users might search in Facebook Graph Search: Posts I commented on; My posts from the last year; Posts written at Yellowstone National Park; Posts by my friends last month; Posts about Breaking Bad. Some people are grabbing their pitchforks and torches at news of Facebook Graph Search – and with good reason. While technically those risqué photo comments you posted on your cousin’s bachelorette party album a few years ago have always been available on Facebook for prying eyes, for all intents and purposes they were invisible once they disappeared from the feed."

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Image: Courtesy Facebook