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Progress Releases New DataDirect Connector for Apache Cassandra

By   /  December 13, 2016  /  No Comments

proby Angela Guess

According to a new press release, “Progress today announced the release of Progress® DataDirect® for Apache Cassandra, a new series of connectors in its DataDirect enterprise data connectivity suite. Leveraging industry-accepted SQL-based ODBC and JDBC standards with patented normalization technology, DataDirect for Apache Cassandra makes the Cassandra NoSQL database instantly compatible with customers’ existing applications. This driver further delivers industry-leading features compatible with the new ODBC 4.0 specification, and adds to an already robust portfolio of connectors to better enable integration and support for over 200 of the most popular data sources and interfaces.”

The release continues, “The DataDirect solution enables enterprise IT architects to map Cassandra data, including collections, into their relational counterpart: well-structured, child tables that relate to a primary parent table. DataDirect Cassandra ODBC and JDBC connectivity leads the market in providing this powerful capability, and Progress has been awarded U.S. Patent 9,471,654 relating to this capability. Progress is the worldwide leader in reliable NoSQL connectivity, and is the first in the industry to introduce this concept of normalization on NoSQL data models for business intelligence (BI) and analytics.”

Dion Picco, General Manager of Data Connectivity & Integration at Progress, noted, “Leading organizations are turning to Cassandra to meet the performance, scalability and availability that today’s internet-scale solutions demand… By exposing its data as normalized relational tables, the Progress DataDirect solution enables enterprises to use an industry-standard, SQL-based solution with ODBC and JDBC connectivity to more easily integrate Cassandra with their existing data management infrastructure. For real-time analytics on Apache Cassandra, organizations are adopting our Spark SQL connector giving us complete connectivity for the Cassandra analytics ecosystem.”

Read more at Business Wire.

Photo credit: Progress

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