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Publishers Now Have an Automated Way to Match Videos to Articles

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Publishers can finally align their video assets with their editorial text using content relevance technology from veeseo.

Touchstorm logoNEW YORK, Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Publishers can finally align their video assets with their editorial text using content relevance technology from veeseo. Proven in Europe with some of the region’s top websites, including AOL, Axel Springer, Handelsblatt, MSN and Spiegel, veeseo adds significant value to site editorial, which results in videos with mid-article placement, higher engagement scores, and clicks that remain on the publisher site. Touchstorm partnered with Hamburg-based veeseo GmbH to bring the technology to the North American market, setting up a new venture, veeseo North America, to run the business.

veeseo is unlike traditional content recommendation tools that use oft-wasted space on the bottom of a publisher site to post articles and videos, which then link readers to other sites. veeseo embeds relevant publisher videos into the editorial mid article (see screenshot), which results in higher click-through rates that stay within the publisher site.

The Advantages of Semantic Matching

Using advanced speech-to-text technology and semantic matching refined over many years, veeseo identifies the meaning of the article and video—not just keywords and topics—and matches them based on relevance. As an example, an article about a tiger in the woods will bring up videos about that same or other tigers, not golfer Tiger Woods.

As a publisher adds new video to its library, veeseo scans and inserts that video within minutes into related editorial. This automated and continuous matching system is ideal for breaking news sites where editors are challenged by the constant addition of new content. Once the reader views a video, he or she is presented with another set of relevant options based on video-to-video matching, which keeps users engaged in the site. See how veeseo works here.

About Veeseo North America

veeseo North America (www.veeseo.com/us) provides the most relevant video and article recommendations for publishers and editors. Based on years of experience in speech-to-text analysis, semantics and video editing processes, veeseo provides fully automated technologies for recommending videos and articles on customer websites. veeseo is built for publishers and editors using the model that strong content relevance drives more clicks, advertising placements and revenues, which is a revolutionary model for the publishing industry. veeseo North America is based in New York.


Full Release: Yahoo! Finance


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