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Quantzig Highlights How Big Data Analytics Can Reduce Food Wastage

By   /  July 17, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release, “The growing concern over food wastage has led food manufacturers to adopt a data driven approach, paired with retail and supply chain analytics to eliminate or at least curb the food waste levels across the globe. Waste products ultimately pile up in combustion facilities or landfills which facilitates the emission of greenhouse gases, climatic changes, and depletion of scarce non-renewable resources. In their recent analysis titled ‘Stopping Wastage of Food with Analytics- New Twist to an Age-Old Problem’, global analytics and advisory firm Quantzig evaluates some of the ways manufacturers are using big data analytics to check the wastage levels of food.”

The release goes on, “In terms of cost optimization, the growing concern about the increasing wastage of food items has led governments to levy various statutory compliance standards, which manufacturers must adhere to. Countries like Italy and France have passed legislations that ban supermarkets and grocery stores from throwing away unsold food and ordered them to donate it to food banks and charities. There are many ways in which big data can decrease the amount of food wastages and many companies are already using it for cost optimization purposes. With the growing number of bodies which generate waste and a need to optimize costs, analytics is becoming an essential part of operating successfully in the market.”

Read more at Business Wire.

Photo credit: Quantzig

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