Rahm Emanuel Embraces Open City Government

Chicago2011.org reports that, “Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel visited Microsoft's offices downtown to discuss the great ideas coming from Chicagoans to this website, and propose further technology initiatives that City Hall can take to engage citizens, open up government, and make city services more efficient and effective.”

Emanuel stated, “Today, we can make our 311 system work even better by making its data available to all citizens in real time. Anyone will be able to use a mobile device or computer to report a problem and send in an accompanying photo, and the information will be available to the public as well as to the relevant government authority. Anyone will be able to contribute more information about the problem. Citizens will be empowered to monitor trends in complaints and communicate about them with the City and with each other.”

The article continues, “The Mayor-elect cited companies like EveryBlock as examples of how making information more accessible makes systems work better, and increases public involvement in government. He also talked about how this transition website has been successful in soliciting ideas from Chicagoans, and bringing them into his transition process.”

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ juggernautco