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RDF 2 or RDF 1.0.1?

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Sandro Hawke recently wrote down his thoughts on the W3C’s RDF2 working group

The RDF2 Working Group met face-to-face in Amsterdam last week, and Guus Schreiber (who serves as co-chair of the group with David Wood) has just posted about some of the highlights. Schreiber said, “The results of the [Working Group] are not likely to shake the Web world, but will hopefully contribute significantly to enhanced and widespread effective use of Semantic Web technology.”

Sandro Hawke, also in attendance at the Working Group, wrote down his thoughts in a blog post: “18 months ago, when Ivan Herman and I began to plan a new RDF Working Group, I posted my RDF 2 Wishlist. Some people complained that the Semantic Web was not ready for anything different; it was still getting used to RDF 1. I clarified that ‘RDF 2’ would be backward compatible and not break existing systems, just like ‘HTML 5’ isn’t breaking the existing Web. Still, some people preferred the term ‘RDF 1.1’.”

Hawke continues, “The group just concluded its first face-to-face meeting, and I think it’s now clear we’re just doing maintenance. If we were to do version numbering, it might be called ‘RDF 1.0.1’. This might just be ‘RDF Second Edition’.

“Basically, the changes will be editorial clarifications and bug fixes. The adventurer in me is disappointed. It’s a bit like opening your birthday present to find nice warm socks, instead of the jet pack you were hoping for.”

Read Sandro’s full post here.

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ dullhunk

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